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Minutes of the A.G.M. held on 27th November 2016 at the Bowling Club, Old Basing.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 10.30 a.m.

1 Present
Maurice Bates
Steve Brown (Trading Secretary)
Aileen Brown
Janet Cloke (Treasurer)
Chris Hall (Membership Secretary)
Janet Lucas (Council Rep)
Tony Stoney (Vice Chair & Publicity)
Richard West (Chairman)
John Moore
Jill Moore

Apologies from:
Tony Hall
Ed Juon
Chris White

2 Minutes of the 2015 AGM
The minutes of the 2015 AGM were read and approved.

3 Matters Arising
Trading Shed Roofs
No further progress has been made with the matter of the shed roofs.

Parish Council Partnership Evening
Chris & Janet Lucas plan to attend the parish Council Partnership event this year.

Bank Account Signatures
Steve Brown’s name has been added to the list of approved signatures.  The Treasurer has now got a bank card but has had numerous issues with using it.

Basingstoke Allotments
No further information on this topic.
4 Chairman’s Report
This is the end of my fifth and last year as Chairman of OBAGS.

We managed to get representatives from OBAGS attending the council allotment inspections.  The first inspection was brought forward this year due to the Groundsman’s holiday plans.  This proved to be ineffectual and subsequent discussions between the council and our inspection representatives has reduced the inspection plans to one summer inspection per year.  The Groundsman will keep an eye on problem plots during his regular visits to the allotments.

I have had regular communication with the Council Clerk on matters related to the allotments, we objected to a possible increase in deposit for new allotment holders and I am pleased to let you know that this proposal has been dropped.

I would as usual like to thank all volunteers who helped in the shop and for all who helped with the shed tidy weekend in April.

Again we had no success with arranging any RHS visits this year although e-mails were sent out to all members it appears that there is little take up for events at present.

Again we must thank all who donated plants and helped with the plant sale this year.  

Unfortunately I was travelling a lot in the summer for my work and could not arrange the picnic in July this year.  It was not possible to plan an alternate day later in the year either.

Thanks to all committee members who have worked together to keep the society and the shop running so smoothly again this year.   

Steve Brown has settled into the Trading Secretary’s post and the shop appears to be running smoothly.

The new seed scheme appears to be a success (I have had no complaints).

The annual shop helpers’ dinner was held in late October, ten of us had a very pleasant evening at the Bolton Arms.
6 Membership Secretary’s Report
A total of 61 members joined or renewed for the 2016 season, a decrease of 12 from the 2015 membership.  The 61 members included 8 who took advantage of our special deal and joined during September – December 2015. (Four have joined so far for the 2017 season since September 2016).  Reconciliation between the number of application forms filled in or updated and the number of membership cards issued, once again showed no discrepancy – 80 were printed, one was re-issued to replace a card destroyed in the washing machine (Wayne again!) and 18 remained at the end of the season – very well done to all concerned!

It is important that shop volunteers remain vigilant in ensuring that customers hold a current membership card before finalising sales if we are to improve over our current membership levels.

7 Trading Secretary’s Report
Steve Brown presented a list of stock purchased.
Humax 75litre compost is clearly our best seller despite the weight of the bags.  The 40litre bags ordered as a trial have not moved as well.  Humax is more expensive then the Foremost or JAB but has an excellent reputation (It’s made from Sphagnum Moss).

A few prices have changed in the spring but most remained unchanged. We did alter prices in the shop,  however as a check on our mark up showed that we were selling some items below cost.  The norm is 15% on top of Fargro prices which covers written off items and over-generous amounts served.  Despite this the prices remain generally cheaper than elsewhere (e.g. Humax 75l at £5.90.  On-line £9.30 and £17.60).

The stock audit was completed on the 19th Nov with Ed Juon and stock totalled £1686.49. I have written off a couple of items (tree and shrub compost) that we may be able to sell for a small amount.
10 Seed Order
The seed order scheme has now been replaced by the Suttons discount scheme.
11 Appointments of Officers
The following officers were appointed:
12 Any Other Business
2017 Plans.
Shed Inspection  20 March
Shed Tidy Weekend  8 & 9 April
Plant Sale   14 May
Social Sunday   24 July
Harvest Home Dinner  27 October
2017 AGM   26 November

Trading Shed Roofs
It was decided to leave the shed roofs as they are and just to patch them as required with a suitable filler.

Plant Sale
After a discussion it was decided to try an afternoon plant sale this year starting at 2:00 pm.

Bank Account
The Treasurer requested that an on line facility should be set up.  This was proposed by the Chair and seconded by the Membership Secretary.

RHS Card
It was approved to keep the RHS discount card.

Membership Year
The committee discussed changing the membership year to coincide with the financial year i.e. to start in November.  This was proposed by the Membership Secretary and seconded by the Council Representative.

The meeting finished at 12:00 with refreshments & cakes,  Thanks to Chris Hall for the superb cakes and Janet Cloke for the Tea and Coffee.
Vice Chairman
Membership Secretary
Trading Secretary
Seed Sale Organiser
Council Representative
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Richard West agreed to continue as Chairman.
Tony Stoney agreed to continue as Vice Chairman.
Janet Cloke agreed to stay on as Treasurer.
Tony Stoney will continue as Publicity Officer.
Chris Hall will continue as Membership Sec.
Steve Brown will continue as Trading Sec.
Tony Hall will stay on as WebMaster.
This post is now discontinued.
Janet Lucas agreed to continue to be our Council representative.
Maurice Bates
Aileen Brown
Chris White
Tony Terry
Ed Juon
5 Treasurer’s Report
The Society’s accounts show a downturn this year compared to the last financial year, with an overall decrease in the bank account balance, apart from the minute amount of interest in the business saver account.  Losses could be due to the following reasons, lower membership, decrease by two weeks of opening during the year, increase in the costs of purchases and the membership purchasing elsewhere.  There is no surprise in the current economic climate that the interest received in the Society’s business saver account remains very low, only £3.48 credited this year, 1p less than the last financial year!

The completion of the sales sheets is still of some concern, sometimes changes to prices being made, although few.  Unfortunately some totalling up is at times incorrect e.g. membership fees are being added into the sales of stock.
When collecting the bag can duty lead members please let me know if they will not be returning the bag immediately.

Banking remains a continued problem, even ATM machines at Barclays have ceased business transfers.  Speaking to bank staff, banking should now be done on-line.  This would be far easier for paying Fargro.

The plant sale in May raised £223.30, which was an overall decrease from last year. Suttons seeds commission totalled £45.71.  I enquired from the membership their thoughts about Suttons.  Some had used them but others had (2015/16) already purchased seeds and therefore would place some orders this year if the society decided to carry on with this company.

In preparation for the AGM, I would like to recommend that the society continues to purchase public liability and buildings insurance from the RHS. I believe that the price offered is good value, total price remains at £180.  Next year will see an increase due to the budget changes.  Using the RHS for our insurance allows society members to borrow the discounted entry card for garden visits.  Please remember that the discount card only gives access to RHS gardens and not events, such as the RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court flower shows.

Accounts summary:
8 Publicity Report
Tony Stoney has again had great success getting copy into both the Basinga and Chineham Chat every month.
9 Website
There were no contributions to the website by the membership during the last year. I propose sending a global email early in the New Year requesting contributions as outlined in the last year’s AGM report.

I highlighted, last year, the importance of the global email facility in keeping the membership informed.  Fifty eight of this year’s membership of 61 furnished an email address (95%).
Stock Take
Shop Trading loss
Plant sale
Suttons commission

Trading loss
Remaining toilet grant
£ 45.71

Total funds                         £9,278.83
Subsequent changes to the Minutes of the A.G.M. held on 27th November 2016 at the Bowling Club, Old Basing.

Membership Year
It was decided not to make this change after all.

Treasurer’s Report
Subsequent to the meeting a committee member requested that the situation should be further investigated.  A second stock take was made and the stock sales for November were also accounted for.  Taking into account these new figures, the financial position was found to be better that originally reported.

Accounts summary:

Stock Take
Shop Trading profit
Plant sale
Suttons commission

Trading profit
Remaining toilet grant
£     6.05
£  223.30
£    45.71

£  268.47
£  355.78
Total Funds