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Lead Volunteer

The Lead Volunteer is responsible for taking payments from purchasers and entering the purchases on the Sales Sheets. The Lead Volunteer directs the activities of the Support Volunteers. For most opening dates there are two Support Volunteers. During the slacker Winter Months of January, October, November and December there is a single one hour opening per month and just one Support Volunteer.

Support Volunteer

The Support Volunteers work under the direction of the Lead. Their duties include assisting purchasers in obtaining their requirements. For example, in the ground cover shed they measure and cut the sheets to the required length and fold them for convenient carrying.

In the compost and sundries shed they assist in loading bags of compost into barrows and transferring them into vehicles or to the purchaser’s allotment as appropriate.

They count out and bundle up bamboo and split canes in lots of 10. In the shop they weigh powders from bulk into 2kg lots to replace stock sold during the day.

In slack periods they carry out these activities to build up reserves of stock for immediate sale.

Roles of Volunteers