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OBAGS, founded in 1977, aims to help meet the gardening needs of allotment holders and gardeners in the Old Basing and Lychpit area. Membership is, however, open to those living outside the Parish who wish to join. We maintain trading huts at the Riley Lane allotments which are open for sales to members between 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon on most Sundays throughout the year. A full schedule is available on the Opening Times page and is also displayed on the hut door. We supply a range of commonly used composts, soil improvers, fertilizers and garden ancillaries (seeds, sets, seed potatoes and other horticultural requisites may be ordered  by individual members through our discount scheme with Suttons Seeds). Our objective is to provide competitive prices and conveniently available supplies for our members. A plant sale is held every year, usually in May. In the past, garden visits have been organised and, with sufficient interest, could be reactivated.
Membership is currently £5.00 per annum, which includes a group membership subscription to the Royal Horticultural Society, through whom we obtain our society insurance cover and other benefits, see RHS Affiliation. Membership can be obtained at the trading huts on an open Sunday.

Tony Hall
Membership Secretary, OBAGS

Membership Fee for 2023 is £5
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